Akasha Weisgarber 

I haven’t looked back since strapping on a Burton Elite 150 rental board on Cypress Bowl back in ’88… four years later I was just a teenager living in Whistler on next to nothing and snowboarding everyday year after year. Then for a couple summers and falls I went to school in Australia for Architectural Technology as an excuse to surf all the time but I actually learned a bunch and applied that computer design knowledge to snowboard shaping. Some good people in the industry got me designing boards for a few different snowboard brands over the years but I had always wanted to shape and build my own boards the way I saw fit for the mountains around here. With the help of a couple good friends that share that same vision and lifestyle Hightide Mfg was born. So excited to offer these crafts of a labour of love to the people around BC and beyond.

Gabe Langlois 

Life has high's and lows and I would definitely say this project with a few good friends is a high.  On the note of friends i asked a few to write some words about me and this is what they came up with.  Ha!

Dear everybody, 
I secretly brought Gabe into my circle of trust 5 or 9.5 years ago... I never told him about it cuz I didn't want to make it a big deal, but I did have some T-shirts made with his face on the front to celebrate the occasion, I had "honourary water-buffalo" printed on the back. I think I gave a couple to my Gramma and sent the rest to Winnipeg for fashion week. The moral of this point is one time ...I saw him ride lower insanity on whistler opening day with barely 2ft of snow on it, hauling ass ( like the poster with the chicks wearing butt-floss in the back of the truck)  and in his tracks was only earth rocks and stumps ... He said it was "low tide but not too shabby" ... I was speechless ..,"Big Huge Coconut Balls!" I thought to myself and wanted to scream out loud , but hey that's  my boy; Gabey-Gabe Langlois he's a real head turner...a fearless spacetruckin' , heart-of-gold-packin , thrillhunting,   high-frequency-flyer and my brother for life... I just feel better when he's around (and were goin for Nachos cuz he always has gift certificates for the  GLC) If he's keeps it up I'm stealing him a cat for x-mas ...Mind you...  he could even b the peoples choice and overqualified for the position but I wouldn't vote him in for mayor of Whistler because then he'd be too busy for all his activities ... He does them a lot and very damn well...but I don't wanna ramble on here so...If anyone needs any really personal info about Gabe call my cell at 1-800-ASS-MANN ( ask for Carl ) #hugsnotdrugs ( hope the hashtag is cool ).
-Wes Makepeace  

 I love receiving phone calls from Gabe in the morning to go riding. especially on a pow day.. He reminds me of a puppy golden retriever except for that he's not a puppy he's an old fart who still charges every chance he gets...that's my kind of guy. Child baby in an older body who loves to party!! I also love riding with Gabe because he always rolling with Terje and Blauvelt.

Thanks fellas!
-Rube Goldberg


Tyeson Carmody 

 Tyeson Carmody,  born in Ymir bc may 27, 1979.  I've been in love with sliding in the snow for as long as I can remember.  Started skiing at age four,  but it really began when I first slid down a hill on a friends Black Snow at age 10.  Snowboarding became a brief career when I was 20,  taking me around the world and introducing me to some of my closest friends, including Hightide Mfg co-founders Gabe and Akasha. After I was done snowboarding professionally I moved back to Ymir and have been exploring the kootenay backcountry ever since.  I'm excited to design and develop surf inspired powder boards with Hightide for anyone who is looking to add a high quality pow slaying board to their quiver.