Colin Adair

This is not the official bio for photographer Colin Adair but it is nonetheless a bio. The worlds best photographer? Perhaps. It depends who is asking. It depends who is answering. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if Instagram likes mean anything than the answer is no. That honour belongs to Justin Beiber. He is the worlds best photographer according to Instagram. Colin Adair on the other hand is a serious artist. He shoots film a lot just to keep his artistic and hipster cred up to date. He won't sell out to energy drink companies unless they ask really nicely. The mark of a true artist is to make everyone feel like you are doing them a favour. In fact he is doing you a favour right now by letting you read this and Hightide Mfg will owe him their gratitude in perpetuity.
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Ashley Barker

“In our postmodern, image-driven milieu, even the most sensational scenes can barely elicit a reaction. Yet, when the active elements of mystery and humanity intersect, images can reach right out and touch us. It is with passion and perception that Ashley Barker arrives at this intersection with her photography. Formal training at the Western Academy Of Photography and a grand sense of scale, born of her Alberta roots, inform her visual perspective. An accomplished commercial artist at only 25, Barker’s photos are in demand with the world’s foremost publishers of snowboarding, skiing and action culture. She loves the mountains and works fervently to gain skill and experience shooting in the alpine environment. And it is out there, far from the manmade constructs of so-called civilization that her passion finds expression." - Joel Muzzey  
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Scott Dickson


Scott Dickson is a freelance artist living in Nelson, B.C., Canada who enjoys capturing the excitement of nature in a multitude of mediums. His work is held in private collections throughout the world. The fun began
in 1986 when it was all about scratching out band posters, painting helmets, sliding on snow and riding bikes. Scott loves wind in his face, his wife, their two children and a quiet life in the mountains.
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Hayley Stewart

Originally from Ontario, Hayley studied fine art at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Toronto's culturally rich metropolis, although inexhaustibly energetic, left a void in her style. She migrated west lured first by the ocean to Tofino and later by the mountains to Golden, BC. In these flourishing landscapes, Hayley developed a voice synchronized to the natural aesthetics of the world. Continuously exploring new processes, techniques and mediums, she aims not only for her work to be aesthetically pleasing but also to draw attention to the beautiful details in life that are sometimes overlooked. Currently residing in Calgary, Alberta, Hayley works part time in the theatrical industry as well as pursuing her own artistic career.
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Beaver Wax

BeaverWax was created in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, in a local candle factory. Later moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Matt Turner understood the process and future developments of snow wax and wanted to create a wax that was more environmentally sustainable without compromising performance.
An innovative wax containing environmentally friendly additives and the unique hand poured manufacturing process that is done in small amounts, ensures that each bar of wax stays consistent with the right amount of additives.
Today, award winning BeaverWax is regarded as one of the finest qualities of wax on the market. It has set new standards for the recreational wax industry and continues to improve the quality for its environmental sustainability.
Along with its snow waxes and accessories, BeaverWax has added a unique candle line called, Live the Dream Candle Co., to keep life smelling fresh.
All waxes are made and poured in Canada.
Every Hightide snowboard comes hot waxed with all temp beaver wax.
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Chachi Ramerez

They originally called him Mark Trinidad, but that was before he moved to Whistler just two months before his 18th birthday. When he showed up on the Whistler scene everyone thought he looked like a Mexican version of Scott Bao. Because of this he has gone by the name Chachi Ramerez ever since. Chachi spent many years in Whistler honing his snowboarding skills before finally surfacing in Vancouver to train in web design. The big city would not hold him long, and Chachi has returned back to the mountains of Whistler. - Daryl Trinidad
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Jenna Low

Things you may not have thought twice about, Jenna manages to transform into interesting and beautiful images. She's constantly viewing life as though it's a framed photograph. Continuously pushing herself to explore new forms of photography allow her to showcase her skill in different creative formats. An avid noboarder, she's seen charging down mountains with her camera bag at all times waiting to capture that perfect shot.
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