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This tripped out shape takes it's asymmetry from asymmetrical surfboard design where the the backside rail is longer towards the nose helping drive the nose up the wave on your backhand. The Asymtrip heelside effective edge is offset towards the nose helping drive the nose uphill while the toeside effective edge is offset towards the tail for easier toeside initiation and end of turn hold. Combined with the sidecut step down and deeper radius on the back half of the board makes this board aggressively nimble while the swallowtail and long nose makes it virtuously impossible to sink in powder.
Topsheet colour is tinted epoxy resin under a clear topsheet or a white topsheet with minimalist graphics. Custom resin tint colours available, please request in order notes or inquire                                                                                                  
Built to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for manufacturing. Winter 2023-24 shipping starts in November. For rush requests please email
Canada Post ground shipping included. United States - Lower 48 Fedex Ground shipping Included. United States - Alaska and Hawaii Fedex Express $40. International - Fedex Express International shipping included
*Shipments originate in Canada. Please note all importing charges such as duties, taxes etc are the responsibility of the purchaser. No customs brokerage fees with Fedex and no duty to USA under NAFTA.


Board Length
Nose Length / Effective Edge / Tail Length
240-280 / 1180 / 60mm
250-290 / 1210 / 60mm
Nose Kick Length / Contact Length / Tail Kick Length
360 / 970 / 190mm
370 / 1000 / 190mm
Nose Width / Waist Width / Tail Width
321.7 / 256.4 / 297.7mm
324.8 / 258.4 / 300.8mm
Sidecut Radius Average / Sidecut Depth
6.9m / 25.4mm
7.09m / 25.9mm
Surface Area
Reference Stance / Setback From Effective Edge
560mm 22.1" / 24mm
570mm 22.4" / 24mm
Minimum / Maximum Stance Widths
500/620mm 19.7/24.4"
510/630mm 20.1/24.8"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jameson Halley
The board is a piece of art

Very well crafted.

Adam Nowak
One of the best volume shift pow boards

For a short, volume shift board, it is hands down one of the best I have had the opportunity to ride. I'm 6ft @ 200lbs and normally ride a 167 Swallowtail for deep and steep lines; the 156 Asymtrip gave me the same confidence as the 167 but provided added agility when cutting navigating through tighter obstacles (trees, moguls, etc) in bottomless snow. This board is also an absolute hoon when it gets to the resort; you can lay down nice and deep carves and navigate the choppy/chunderous snow in part to its slightly damper ride.

Akasha, this thing is an epic ripper! 🤘

Short board pow awesomeness

This is the best pow board I've ridden. I'm 240 lbs, ride the 156 and have ridden 60cm days and I've never felt like I needed a bigger board. Incredible for wiggling through tight trees in bottomless snow, but it's still got enough camber and stiffness to lay down carves and handle chop with the resort gets tracked out. Kashi is the man,

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